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Criminal Law

Are you facing criminal, drug, or DUI charges? Let us give you the representation you need.

If you are facing criminal charges, DUI charges, or drug charges, you need a skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. The other side will arrive in that courtroom with some serious legal support, and you need the same kind of preparation.

When you call us, you get representation with decades of experience in Oklahoma's legal system. Let us stand up for you and make sure that your interests are represented in that courtroom.

Call today to discuss your legal defense from a wide range of charges. Criminal charges carry all kinds of legal complications with family and employment, but you can rest assured that when we represent you, we bring our experience with those matters. If you need to appeal a case, you can also get our help with that. Let us help you with all of your legal issues.

Call today and get the law on your side. 405-632-7778 Get the representation that stands up for your rights. Call today to arrange a consultation about your case. Protect yourself with a solid defense. Get the legal assistance you need for criminal charges, drug charges, or DUI charges.

DUI and DWI • Traffic tickets • Moving violations • Probation violations • Drug charges • Felonies • Misdemeanors • Assault and battery

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